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    webmasterpitoyo reacted to Tsimi in Featured Products BS   
    When you access your database via phpMyAdmin you should see something like this.

    But it looks like it is set to Yes so it is good there. No idea why you have/had trouble with the date of this addon.
    But now it seems to work right? So all is good then. :thumbsup:
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    webmasterpitoyo reacted to Tsimi in Featured Products BS   
    Your code changes look good to me.
    If that works for you then use it.
    Add a new product, update the date and then go check the database. Try adding a new product with date and without also try to update a product by adding a new date or deleting the date.
    While you do that always go check the database if the products date is getting updated.
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    webmasterpitoyo reacted to kymation in [Addon} Modular Front Page   
    You can grab the old tep_customer_greeting() function from Github, or from a copy of stock osCommerce 2.3.4. Then just paste the function at the bottom of the customer greeting module. You'll probably have to provide the language defines that it uses, since those have also been removed. Just paste them at the end of the language files for the module.