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  1. nick

    Sagepay Form Error for US customers

    Yeah - we use the deferred payment type so I guess that makes sense
  2. nick

    Sagepay Form Error for US customers

    It is a problem with the module and I think Sagepay only enforced this week as previous it worked even though the 2.23 protocol info has been around for a while. I spent a few hrs last night figuring this out and coded a quick fix for it. I have uploaded a fix to the sagepay form contribution page Thanks Nick
  3. nick

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam, How you doing on the international version? Thanks Nick
  4. Ok - I assume you are either newbie or a windows junkie ... either way this is Unix101. If using Linux you can run tar -xvf filename.tar or tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz if it's zipped. If using windows you can use winrar to unzip the files but remember you need to be using Apache as this contrib makes use of the .htaccess file and mod rewrite. Thanks Nick
  5. Post #665 from Vger was pretty clear ... "Absolutely not" If you want to use SEF you need to use Apache Thanks Nick
  6. nick

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam, This is fantastic news. Thanks for all the effort in getting this out. Not wanting to seem ungrateful but have you any idea when you will be able to get non-US versions, read UK version first please :-), working as I know many of us are waiting very patiently to be able to use this super contribution. Many thanks Nick
  7. Sure - an upgrade to Linux wll work :D Seriously though, you can try with Apache on windows as the .htaccess files work with that too and setup should be similar to linux. IIS is an absolute no go as far as I know as stated by Vger
  8. nick

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, how you doing on version 3.0? Very excited us non-US users may finally be able to import directly to QB from OSC ... go man go! Thanks Nick
  9. Check that your .htaccess is being read correctly by putting in a junk entry which will cause a server 500 error. Try addig ThisIsNotADirective to your .htaccess and see if you get the error
  10. Ok, couple of points - Only works if under root directory - Obviously you need to setup your cache directories per install.html correctly - I had to add "RewriteBase /" to my .htaccess file Still have a couple of issues with popups not working, probably as a result of adding in the RewriteBase / but that is the only way I could get it not to give a Server 500 error, and I get "Unable to determine the page link!" for list of products in any category.
  11. Looks like your rewrite engine is either not enabled or not working. My hosted site works ok but I just transferred my site to a local install on my CentOS box and I'm getting the same issue. Will let you know when I fix it - Nick
  12. Blueyon, thanks for the index file for BTS, worked with a few minor fixes to suite my site. Now the front page comes up ok but I get a Server 500 error if I try click on any link. I can see from the status bar that it's rewriting the URLs as expeted however the 500 error comes almost immediately. I enabled db query logging and none of the db lookups even happen. My Test Website Any ideas??? oh, one last thing ... my hosting provider does not allow access to the apache error or access logs :-( hence making debugging this a bit harder Thanks Nick
  13. If someone could post intstructions for installing with BTS it would be great. I see Blueyon seems to have managed it and said he'd post instruction but I did not see anything posted throughout the remainder of the thread. Any help appreciated
  14. nick

    Credit Card Javascript help

    If you are using BTS you can do the following: In main_page.tpl.php find <body> and replace with <?php // Added to auto select first payment option - usually credit card if ($PHP_SELF == "/checkout_payment.php"){ echo '<body onload="javascript:document.checkout_payment.payment[0].click();return true;">'; } else { echo '<body>'; } ?> Hope this can help someone.
  15. nick

    Quickly Update Product Stock

    Ok great that fixed it but the typo I saw on mine was actually on line 17 where it had define('QUICK_ID', 'ID''); #<------- Note second quote here rather than in name define('QUICK_NAME', 'Name'); which I changed to define('QUICK_ID', 'ID'); define('QUICK_NAME', 'Name'); Well spotted anyway and I saw you uploaded a fix to the contrib area. Thanks Nick