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  1. can you share with me this canddle selector and tell me more about it?
  2. Hello this is a very usefull module. Can I ask to help me to modify this module to make permanent filtering, infact when a custemer select his make, model, year to be showno only categories with contragents exactky for his search puted in their caegories for example you want to look parts for Fiat, Tipo 1.6, 1993, Bumpers, front bumpers with YMM you choose Fiat, tipo 1.6, 1993 and form categories you choose Bumpers and sub category bumpers, but at that moment with YMM i can sort only in home category cant search in sub categories can you help me to make it little better and can we add more fields to YMM like Modification? Thanks with best regrads V.Zhechev P.S. excuse me for my English