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  1. Hi Jim, I was curious how your experience with the MVS product and vendor reports has been on OSC 2.3 if you have gotten to that? /admin/prods_by_vendor.php /admin/orders_by_vendor.php Been trying to tweak these to work with OSC 2.3, but they are not displaying correctly for me. Thanks, Clarence
  2. $vendors_name is displaying fine in the vendor's e-mail, but have had less luck with getting it displayed in the store/customer e-mail confirmation. I see that in the second line of the e-mail, it is displayed in the $email as $the_name. Here is a sample of the code for vendor's e-mail from checkout_process.php: $the_name = $vendor_products[$l]['Vname']; $the_contact = $vendor_products[$l]['Vcontact']; $email = '<b>To: ' . $the_contact . ' </b>' . "\n" . $the_name . "\n" . So now I just need to get the vendors name(s) in the customer e-mail, by each product displayed (kind of out-of-the-norm to display the vendors for the customer, but if there is a way to do this, then that would be great): $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . $products_ordered . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n"; All the best, Clarence
  3. Just wanted to report back that I got the shipping zones all sorted out from my last post, thanks to kymation. I'm working now on getting the vendor name(s) to appear on the customer's confirmation e-mail. Any idea on the best way to do this through checkout_process.php? Thanks, Clarence
  4. Makes perfect sense... It's outside of the shipping zone. Going to have my friend set up a new test account to test the shipping module within the shipping zone. Thanks so much for all of your great help with this. Sometimes I get lost working, as I call it, "inside the forrest," and it's nice to have an objective view from someone "who can see into the forrest." :thumbsup: Will report back on the forum with the results, 99.9% confident that that is the issue B) All the best, Clarence
  5. Thanks Jim, I got the display working okay, but something is happening with the display with a friend of mine viewing it overseas... I would like to PM you the screenshots to see if you know what is going on. It deals specifically with displaying the shipping options on Checkout_shipping.php. The shipping seems to be hidden from my friend overseas, but is displayed for me. Just wanted to get you thoughts on it, if you have time to look. Thanks, Clarence
  6. Hi Jim, By chance, do you have the vendor_shipping module updated for OSC 2.3? I am working through how it displays through checkout_shipping.php, and was just curious if you have already worked on that part of it yet. Thanks, Clarence
  7. It's a success! Just passed all stages of checkout :lol: Just working on the display of checkout_shipping.php right now... Also, need to mod how the e-mail is displayed to the manufacturer. You are a life saver! Many thanks Jim :) All the best, Clarence
  8. Perfect!! Don't know how I missed modding the checkout_shipping.php the first time... I just updated it and it led me to discover other mods that I somehow missed. I also need to update the "new files" distributed with the MVS 1.2.3 to fix some display issues with OSC 2.3 (removing the table structures and replacing with divs...). I'll keep updating till perfect and report back here when I update all the files. I really appreciate your help Jim :D Have a great night! Clarence
  9. Thanks Jim! I went ahead and updated the vendors box and it now displays correctly :-) I then installed the table module to a vendor, assigned a product to a vendor, tested a product from that vendor, but still did not get past checkout_shipping.php. For some reason, the shipping table options for that vendor is not being displayed on checkout_shipping.php either. :huh: Does anything need to be modded in the checkout_shipping.php (OSC 2.3) file to make it pass that stage and display the shipping rate properly for the vendor? Thanks, Clarence
  10. Hey Jim, thanks for you fast reply and help with this. I already had Vendor Shipping enabled, and the error was due to me putting the modded table module in the regular "shipping" directory. Thankfully, before I mod anything I always keep backups :-) I just put back the original table file in the shipping directory, and put the modded table file in vendors_shipping. No errors on the admin side, but now during checkout, it won't get past checkout_shipping.php. I get "Error: You have not selected a shipping method for all groups of products. Please select one shipping method for each group of products below." I sure hope I didn't miss any files to mod. When I installed I went over everything with a fine tooth come, considering the 134 files. Do you have any suggestions on trouble shooting which mod files are missing, if in fact, any are missing? Also, in admin, under shipping modules, when Vender Shipping is enabled, I don't see the options for the new modules to install. Since, MVS 1.2.3 was intended for OSC 2.2 -- when clicking on Vendors tab in admin, the left column displays differently, too. Not sure if there should be any sub-links under the vendors tab in admins? I currently don't see any. Thanks and all the best, Clarence
  11. I'm trying to install MVS to OSC 2.3. I think I got it installed, but with a few bugs. I'm wondering about the "includes/modules/vendors_shipping" directory. The regular shipping modules are stored in "includes/modules/shipping" and in admin the modules directory still says the default shipping directory. Should this be changed to vendors_shipping directory after patching all the files in the instructions, or should I put the modded modules in the regular shipping directory? I guess this would answer some other questions I have about some of the errors that I am getting. When I try to install the modded table shipping module I get the following error: Warning: Missing argument 1 for table::keys(), called in /home/www/ on line 155 and defined in /home/www/ on line 224 Thanks in advance for the help! All the best, Clarence