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    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hey Guys. I got a little problem with the addOn - luv it - but got a little issue. Okay it all works perfect i can upload files - and the files are in fact being uploaded. Problem is that the [products_options_value_text] is empty in the database aswell as in the param handler through out the site. So it dosent link correctly in the preview link (actually just links to the upload directory) - and on the invoice there isnt any information about wich file the customer uploaded. I just need to get a hint to where the actually upload/save in db thingy is going on. Ohh and also if somebody could tell me where i can find the file that handles a order when it has been bought ? I need to build a MIS module so that could really help me along :P Hope somebody is able to help me. ? BTW the link is www.reproshop.dk Cheers Morten "Sipman"