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  1. In fact i think there was an older version installed but hasn't been removed properly i'll ask the previous developer of the site if that's the case. Thank you very much !!!
  2. Its a contribution, and perhaps its a minor detail with the release hence why one has to ask. Not everyone is as familiar with osCommerce as you seem to be. And yet you go through the forums posting useless replies. If answering a question requires so much effort, that one considers it a waste of free time, Simply don't answer !!! Let others who are willing and do not have an attitude problems post replies !!!
  3. xsdenied


    I am having the same issue as SAM. I've installed Sitemonitor on other sites and it worked fine but i am now having difficulties with this one Your username is invalid. Please change it and try again.: System -> F:\Inetpub\vhosts\mydomain.com\httpdocs/ - SiteMonitor -> F:Inetpubhosts hemydomian.comhttpdocs/ Setup Error!!! The start directory: F:/Inetpub/vhosts/mydomain/httpdocs/ does not match the shops directory: F:Inetpubhosts hemydomain.comhttpdocs/ Please correct it and try again. For some reasons its not recognizing the home directory. ?? and is giving me this option F:Inetpubhosts hemydomain.comhttpdocs/ ????
  4. If you call that complaining you seriously don't understand the definition or "complaints", i just simply asked why is it happening and how it can be changed without having to uninstall the script and set it up from scratch. I DID NOT download the Polish version, (Ultimate SEO 2-2.2d-11 15 Jan 2011) all the files and text definitions are in English. No Sign of Polish Language anywhere in the files. !!!!
  5. And i did download the latest version, but the settings remain in polish ??? Any ideas? The site is not in polish,it's in English :) !!!
  6. Help my files are in polish, but i did not install the polish version of the contribution what the hell ... is there a way i can translate them to English or something?? Can someone help me out with this one ?? thanks.