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  1. chemist4

    Purchase Without an Account?

    I am already using a system that takes customer info and generates a password for them, which is then emailed to them. If they never return it works the same as PWA since they don't have to choose a password or provide any information other than that required to fulfill the order. But they do have an account and can change the password if they wish to return later and want a less random one. And I can see their orders and information. I had found an add-on, which I have heavily modified and updated to work with 2.3.4. I don't remember the name for sure. It was "combined login/create account" or something similar. I thought about putting together an add-on of my own since the original had a lot of problems, but I haven't found the time.
  2. chemist4

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I contacted them and this is the relevant portion of their reply: I guess that means I really don't need to do anything? Or should we be using the entire URL they gave instead of the shorter one Burt posted?
  3. chemist4

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I received the same email, more than once, but I have always had the UPS XML module set for production. When I asked the people at UPS what that was about they told me I should be accessing a different server URL. So, where do I change that?
  4. I only found this thread yesterday. If I had found it sooner I would have gladly contributed something, probably just comments since I'm not a coder. I do have some questions. 1. Since this is based on, and 2.3.4 is coming out soon (and hopefully 2.4 soon after that), what is the upgrade path for this version? 2. How much do existing osC add-ons need to be modified to work? 3. I have a few modifications I made myself, such as combining the login and create account pages and combining the checkout_shipping and checkout_payment pages, is this BS version modified to the point that my modifications are impossible? 4. Lastly, I really like what you master coders have done. I have wanted a responsive or mobile version for some time but the mobile version offered as an add-on seems to have lots of problems, and your BS version works great. The only issue I noticed in testing your example site on my iPod touch is the amount of space: there is a lot of space above and below the title, for example, and the category and manufacturer lists could be a lot shorter without so much space between items. Is this something that can be changed in the CSS?
  5. Has anyone used this on osC 2.3? EDIT: Guess I should have checked the download page first. Since there hasn't been any posts here for a few years, does that mean it works so perfectly no one has any problems?
  6. chemist4

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks Jack, that did the trick. However, the instructions were not real easy to find, and there may be an error. I'm not a programmer, so the error may be mine although it worked. In the headertags_seo_update.php file it says "If the url to run this script is changed to http://YOUR DOMAIN NAME/headertags_seo_install.php?reset_options=true, the configuration options will be reset." Since it is the update file and not the install file shouldn't the address be "http://YOUR DOMAIN NAME/headertags_seo_update.php?reset_options=true"? That is what I used and it worked.
  7. chemist4

    Header Tags SEO

    What is the "reset option"? I haven't seen anything about a reset option.
  8. chemist4

    Header Tags SEO

    I upgraded Header Tags from 3.2.6 to 3.3.0 on my dev store and after running the headertags_seo_update.php file all the settings are duplicated. Is there a way to prevent this without running the uninstaller and losing all the tags I have already entered? Also, the test says 3 files are not found in the database tables, and the explanation is to run the uninstaller and then the installer. I have done that yet the results are the same. I would have to run it again to see just what files they are, but it has to do with the products_info, categories_info, and manufacturers_info.
  9. chemist4

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I'm getting this on my site error log: [20-May-2012 00:00:01] PHP Warning: Module 'pdo_mysql' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 Since it happens every Sunday, when I have Google XML Sitemap chron run, I have to assume that is what is causing it. The sitemaps are being generated OK, so nothing is really wrong as far as I can tell, I just wanted to know if this error is anything I should be concerned with.
  10. chemist4

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Jim, this add-on is almost perfect; there's just one thing I would like, and that is to be able to have the banners in Banner Rotator link to outside pages. The link to my blog works now, but the link to my Facebook page does not since it adds my domain address to the link. Is this an issue with Banner Rotator or the osC banner manager?
  11. Sorry, it still doesn't work in either Safari 5 or Firefox. The page seems to refresh, but the code is not applied.
  12. OK, how do I get rid of your login/create account thing without disabling the entire Simple Checkout? It doesn't work, but despite the previously mentioned issues the checkout does. Would placing the code to divert to checkout.php after the code to check if the customer is logged in on checkout_shipping do it? To answer my own question, yes it will. Now, as I mentioned before, can the guest checkout be integrated into my existing login? That just seems like the best way to do it rather than creating an entirely new login.
  13. I installed v3.0 along with Guest Checkout and Discount Codes. The checkout does not refresh the totals when a discount code is applied; I have to click the "Update" button. Guest Checkout might work, but there are no labels for the input fields so there is no way for a customer to know how to fill it out. Also a BIG problem, the password field for existing customers to log in is not only not hidden, but it says the name and password are not correct even if they are. Also on the checkout page, once a discount has been applied making an order no longer eligible for free shipping, the totals are not updated to reflect this until I click the continue button at the bottom. I already have a combined login and create account (with a cool javascript slide-down effect), how hard would it be to integrate your guest checkout feature into that and keep my existing login page?
  14. On Mac OS X 10.6.8, with both Safari 5 and Firefox, I got the standard checkout, not your simple checkout. And after I clicked the Continue" button from the shipping page it went back to the shopping cart.
  15. Using Safari 5 on Mac OS 10.6.8, everything works up to the shipping/payment page, where the radios do not stay checked. With shipping, the chosen amount is changed in the total but the radio becomes unchecked. If I then select a payment method it also does not stay checked and the shipping returns to the cheapest option. And then clicking the "Continue" button gives me the error that I need to select a payment method.