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  1. The problem is that it looks like it needs some modifications in MySQL database. When I installed 'Product Listing' module (which I believe is the one needed to run filter box) i got an error: 1146 - Table '********.TABLE_DISCOUNTS' doesn't exist select discount, sort_order from TABLE_DISCOUNTS where categories_id = '2' order by sort_order
  2. Thank you Jim. Do you have any installation manual for this package?
  3. Thank you Jim. But I don't have that module. I don't even have 'Categories' submenu in Modules section. I'm using files you mentioned but the package contains only 'bm_products_filter.php module'. Looks like something is missing.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's standard osCommerce product listing module. Where can I find The Product Rows module?
  5. I put include_once("includes/functions/products_specifications.php"); line in application_top.php That fixed 'Call to undefined function' error, but now filters don't apply. Still the same range of products, no matter what filter I choose.
  6. OK, filter box now looks fine, but... when trying to apply any filter I'm getting: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_clean_get__recursive() in /***/***/***/***/includes/classes/specifications.php on line 80
  7. Thanks for your reply kymation. I switched the files (bm_products_filter.php and specifications.php) and now I'm getting: "Fatal error: Call to a member function get_filter_data() on a non-object in /***/***/***/***/includes/modules/boxes/bm_products_filter.php on line 92"
  8. Hey there! I've downloaded, installed and already modified a little Products Specifications addon but now I'm having some trouble. In the filter box I'm having all the filter types showed one by one and then below all the options showed the same way. I want to have one filter type (e.g. Color) then all Color options and then another filter type and options to this etc. Please check out the image, showing how it looks like now. Anyone know how to sort it out?