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  1. Hi everybody, I have been struggling with the new version of the MoneyBookers module (dated April 26th 2011). The installation seems to be OK and the modules also seems to work - until I press the "confirm" button during checkout. At this point I get a more or less white page. Does anyone know if this module requires ssl - and if this could be the cause of my problems? By the way - I tried to exchange the payment_moneybookers.php file with an older one (from the zip file downloaded from MoneyBooker's homepage). This seems to work. The main differences between these two files are that the new version uses the template_top.php and template_buttom.php whereas the old uses header.php, footer.php, column_left.php and column_right.php. Will it be OK to use the "old" one? I hope that someone will be able to enlighten me :) Thanks! Running 2.3.1 by the way...