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  1. Hi! First of all: nice plugin! Have been using it for a couple of years now! A client noticed that if a product is in multiple categories, the link created does not always show the right category. For example: A product is in the category 'girls' and the category 'boys'. When you look at the 'girls' category page (in the catalog), the right URL's show up. If you look at the 'boys' category page, for some products the URL to the 'girls' page shows up (those are the products being in 2 categories). I can imagine how this error occurs, probably has something to do with the 'girls' category being the first in the database result or something. My question though is if there is some fix available to prevent this from happening. It causes some confusion at customers, so it would be nice to have it fixed. Any ideas on this? Thanks! Eric
  2. Hi all, I've installed this contribution in my osCommerce 2.2 shop. I can add coupons in the admin panel, the form shows at the checkout_payment page, but when I fill in a coupon code, and go to checkout_confirmation, the coupon has not been calculated in the order. A wrong code also takes me to the confirmation page, so it doesn't show any error. I've tried some of the fixes which I found in this topic, but still it's not working properly. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Greetings, Eric