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  1. Hi everyone. This might seem like a large topic from the heading but it's essentially all to do with the same thing. I am in the process of getting a website designed and the back end of the site is oscommerce. I am getting to grips with it but have a couple of problems. I'm told that I can use oscommerce as the main inventory module and as long as it is regularly backed it up then this is solid enough. However I will have about 3000 items to list in the first instance and I'm considering a barcode system. I generate a barcode, identify the item and we are off (or hopefully). I really need to know WHAT SCANNER, WHAT BARCODE SYSTEM, DOES THIS WORK WITH OSCOMMERCE and associated questions. I'm starting at the very beginning and really keen for your help here. Also keen to find out about ebay integration. I will also be uploading to ebay and would rather list the items once in oscommerce and have then automatically listed there. Is this possible... Thanks in advance... Mike