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  1. Hi All, Forgive a repeat post here but I am at my wits end on this one. I have a complete installed oscommerce latest version. We have the items loaded and when you click an image it will enlarge. See Here: See Here The Click here to enlarge text, however, does not show. I have tried many ways, but cannot get it to work. In my english/productinfo.php it is defined. But there is no mention in the root product info.php If anyone can aid in my task it will certainly be met with great appreciation. Kind Regards, Jeffry
  2. JeffryDavidCivey

    I only want to use PayPal

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any assistance. I have set up the module : PayPal Express Checkout, I have confirmed and set up the API at PayPal. I can select items, place them in the cart. If I then view my cart I have "Check Out" or "Check out with PayPal". I only want to use Paypal. Can I force the process in some way? Right now if I click on check out, nothing is there for them to select on the payment method. No paypal link etc. Am I just missing something? Kind Regards, Jeffry