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  1. Jim, Thanks for reply to my post. I have another question for you through. If shipping module can be used in different versions of OSc, can I use your MSV v 1.2.3 on our 2.3.1 site? Thanks for your advice, Don
  2. Hi, I've been searching for a LTL or freight module for 2.3.1. So I can quote customer with freight charge instead of have customer call us for freight quote. Only freight module that I did find were for v 2.2 and it got me wondering, if there are any freight module exist for v 2.3.1? It will be much appreciated, if you can direct me to right direction. We are getting pretty desperate and even tried putting FedEx freight module for V 2.2 on our test site but no luck. Thanks,
  3. There are only about 200 items with UPC warnings, since we have about 75000 items that's not really biggie. Take a look at data quality page. I know there are some that requires suggested optimization but my understanding is these are not that serious problem and it should not block my products from appearing.... or is it? Even with these warnings our listing work before...
  4. Thanks for getting back to me, I think you are talking about this page: There is no problem there either.....
  5. I've been using this wonderful contribution for over a year and had no problems at all. However, just last week I noticed that there was sudden drop in people who signing up on website and found that the customer weren't able to to free search on google. I read the posts and signed up and have adword campaign going, also. Please see following pictures from my google merchant account: I've been rechecking every steps and making sure and as far as I can tell, I've done everything way I did before. However, my products are still not searchable on the free side because when I do a search on an item, I do not see the my store's products listing. Please, any help will much appreciated, I'm about to go mad trying to get this to work.
  6. I just notice following error on my catalog/products_new.php page: Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to aPage_Modules::linkText() must be an array, null given, called in /catalog/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/page_modules/product_info.php on line 170 and defined in /catalog/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/abstracts/page_modules.php on line 338 did anyone else had this problem? I have OSc v 2.3.1 & Ultimate Seo Urls 5 PRO Don
  7. Hello, My supplier use only FedEx so I was wondering if there is FedEx shipping module for V 2.3.1. I looked at the add-on for v 2.3.1 but there were none so just wondering if there was one or can I use the module for the different version of OSC shipping module for the v 2.3.1. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  8. Nevermine they just put me in Production Server.... >_<
  9. I just installed USPS methods 5.2.2 and I have open the account at Webtools. I emailed to telling them that I have OSCommerce website and just want them to switch me over to Production Server. However, they send me reply saying that they are unable to move my account to the production server until a minimum of 2 valid test requests are received. My understanding is that if I have OSCommerce site then I don't have to run the test, did USPS policy changed??? If so, how do I run the tests? Thanks in advance for your advices. Don