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    [contribution] Total B2B

    Greetings hozone/Davide, and all, I have two questions, if you are still watching and maintaining this contribution? #1 - On the osCommerceITalia contribution website I was reading that your contribution may have been ported to version 2.3.1 with some successes per a recent post by "06voip" so, now wondering if you may have any new information or updates for us here? -- I am very excited to use these features you have so graciously given us, but, a bit cautious to install it for fear of breaking something in the installation. #2 - Do you know of any incompatibilties with other contributions, or more specific, what changes may need to be done to work in 2.3.1? -- I have a fairly straight-forward secured install of osC 2.3.1 which has only other 2 contributions, the "Extra Product Fields" and one of the basic "% discount per customer" modules (which only displays at the end of checkout) I have installed 2.3.1 and the recommended security features after getting hacked last year by a nasty 2.2 php redirect exploit.. so don't want to go back to 2.2 for that reason alone. Thanks in advance for any reply, and best wishes :)