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  1. fully custom and it took a couple months to get bugs worked through. The shopping cart class and order class were pretty brutal to alter to make it work.
  2. The chocolate chooser mod was quite extensive and required tons of core changes. I love it though and my customers enjoy using it as well. Getting it to play nicely with option types was a nightmare... thanks for the plug @burt :)
  3. It would be nice to have clarification. We need transparency from the team who is driving the core osC product. Taking down topics that are posted is a mistake I think. It's the equivalent of me not posting negative reviews on my site because I don't like them. Feedback is good and can almost always be used to improve a product. I have been in business for 13 years and I know this is a fact. The users of this forum are mostly (all?) small business owners and we really do understand how much time and effort go into making something that is as in depth as a robust ecommerce system is. We know it's hard work, we know there will be missed deadlines, we know there will be letdowns, we know that what's going on in your personal life sometimes has to come first, and we understand that there very well may be something going on in your personal life that is affecting your work on this project. This is where transparency is so important. I think most users would be much more understanding of the situation if we simply knew what was going on behind the scenes. Obviously there is no need to share personal information here but just simply letting users know what's up. Asking for help when needed is not a defeat and will not make anyone see you in a bad light. I love osC and it has been very good for my shop. I appreciate the work that went into getting it to where it currently stands and I sincerely hope it will stick around for years to come.
  4. I noticed that now @wHiTeHaT post about a new fork is gone or am I just missing it?
  5. I'm just guessing but I would assume Harald did. I tried to find the post this morning as well and it's gone. I'm unsure but maybe it broke some forum rules or something?
  6. It got nuked..............
  7. @tmcca Take a look at how the paypal express module works. You need to output a button on the cart page for apple pay. That button will be generated via the payment module that you code. When the user clicks that button your page will make call backs to the apple pay module that you placed in your /ext folder like I outlined. It get's pretty in depth. If it's way above your pay grade it might be advisable to ask in the commercial support forum. Again, if you come up with some code on your own I would be glad to try and help you troubleshoot things. In my first post I outlined at minimum what you will need to code up.
  8. @tmcca You can use the guidelines I listed above as to what you will need to code up. If you have something started I would be glad to give you pointers if I can. I'm not sharing my code because it is very customized for my particular setup and would only cause confusion.
  9. @burt I thought you had also partially merged into the Matrix? :)
  10. Never heard of them but it does sound interesting. I currently use software and I have written several scripts to help automate things in my admin with it. It would be nice to have it all done in the admin though. I wonder how this would work with getting weights/dimensions of shipments?
  11. @Dutch1 OK, so you are trying to use the beta version of some software, which has already been described as not ready for production use, and then instead of listening to others advice and using 2.3.4BS you continue to run into issues with the beta version and come here to bitch about osCommerce being terrible. If the software is that bad why don't you contribute something that will fix the errors that you seem to keep having? This software is free to use and there is no one forcing you to do so. The developers involved often receive no compensation for their time and also have real jobs that need their attention. osCommerce 2.3.4BS works very well and many shop owners including myself are using it to run successful online shops.
  12. I've been working on this for a while now but real life has been getting in the way. The difference with mine is just that you don't have to create an account first. Yes, eventually the person will have to enter the data regardless but it's how they perceive the task that matters. I think it's very important to understand your customers and design your site/checkout experience around that. If most of your customers are one-off sort of things than a guest checkout can make a lot of sense.
  13. Here's a good article: I might actually rework my checkout with this in mind.
  14. I had a one page checkout on my site and it led to all sorts of issues. It was inherently glitchy and confused customers. After that I decided to code and sell Better Checkout. I still use it on my site but I do not sell it anymore because I don't like all the changes required to make payment modules work properly. Basically, your customers can checkout with or without an account and it's seamless. It splits the checkout up into manageable chunks for customers and is easier to maintain code-wise. You are welcome to check it out on my site and see what you think maybe just to get some ideas. Mine is highly customized. The more that I read on the topic it seems that people in general do better with small simple checkout pages and don't mind having to complete 3 or 4 SIMPLE steps (pages).
  15. All of the meta tags you are wanting to include will be included via header_tags. I'm assuming (hoping) you are using the latest 2.3.4BS version of osC, which should include those header_tag modules. There are some old page cache modules but it opens up all sorts of issues. osC runs pretty efficiently out of the gate these days so it shouldn't bog your server down. That is unless you have a super high traffic site and/or are using shared hosting, which tends to be slower anyway.