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  1. Hi Jack, Can you help on this.... Thanks
  2. Hi, Hope all is well... I am using Ultimate SEO URLs for my oscommerce site. Now the category page URL look likes http://mysite.com/toys-c67a89.html. Now I want this URL will be http://mysite.com/child-toys.html. Now main category showing like parent_category_name-c1.html and sub categories showing like parent_category_name-c1a10.html and sub sub category shows like parent_category_name-c1a10a103.html....I want only the category and sub category names to be changed. Instead of parent-c1a10.html, I want the category url will be only the category name => children-plastictoys.html and children-games-toys.html. If it is not possible without id, I just want http://mysite.com/children-plastictoys-c1a10a103.html and http://mysite.com/children-gamestoys-c1a10a103.html My .htaccess shows like this RewriteRule ^(.*)-c([0-9a]+).html$ index.php?cPath=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} Anyone please help on this...urgent.......... Thanks and Regards, Kalaivanan Muthusamy
  3. kalai427

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    I done this process through CURL inside payment gateway function and got Payment URL and Payment ID. So I assigned this URL and Payment ID to the form_action_url at the payment gateway function. Now after the checkout confirmation, the page redirected to payment gateway and finally moves to checkout success...Thanks for your suggestions.... Now I need to do error handling mechanisms....Give some guidelines......
  4. kalai427

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    Can any one help me on this?
  5. kalai427

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    Chris, Thanks for your reply. I tried to customize paypal_standard module and renamed all the texts, class and function name in that module from PAYPAL_STANDARD and modified $this->form_action_url from paypal URL to HDFC URL. As per HDFC payment gateway, the process will as follows: 1) Merchant Pass Transportal ID and password with other details(amount, currency code,Response URL and Error URL) to PG URL to Allow Merchant to connect Payment Gateway and send request. 2)Payment ID & Pay page URL will be response from the above process. Now we need to redirect the customer browser to the URL(Payment Gateway Page) for customer entering the credit information. 3)After customer entering the information, if the transaction completes the page will redirect to Response URL else to the Error URL with error info. I passed all parameters to this->form_action_url and now the page redirect to the same this->form_action_url URL with response as Payment ID and pay Page URL after checkout confirmation process. Now i have a doubt that, how to get response of the Step2 and redirect to the Pay Page URL in the paypal_standard module with proper standards? Can any one help me on this?
  6. kalai427

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    No reply?
  7. kalai427

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    Need ideas/suggestion for doing this development.I am new to OSCommerce and know PHP. Looking for Help...
  8. kalai427

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    Hi, I need to integrate my oscommerce2.2 website with HDFC payment gateway.I cant find any payment module for this. Any one help on this..... Looking for your quick reply. Thanks in advance. Regards, Kalaivanan.
  9. Nice to meet u all