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  1. Got it to work. Really nice effort. Thanks!
  2. Hi really enjoy your contributions, suggestions and addons. I would also love to install this admin layout to spice up mine but I don't seem to be able to extract it when I download from the contribs page. Could you assist?
  3. I have a little challenge and would appreciate some help. i still get error '1065 Query was empty' could you help?
  4. Great contribution! :) but forum & discussions cannot be easily found because of the way the topic is named. Could we change it by removing the [CONTRIB] at the begining of the file?
  5. Hi Jim, I really commend this mod. except for inability to control the navs but more that you have to put the Javascript code into the head of every page you want it to work in. You know there are several tens of hundreds of pages. It's really not an easy task lol! I was wondering if you found a way around this yet?