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  1. citycar

    fast easy checkout

    Hi, sorry for my English..... With the payment module Paypal is indicated into the email for the order confirmation no summary, about so: Order overview: http://xxx/catalog/account_history_info.php/order_id/137 The Articles: ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x TESTXXXXXXXX (TESTartnr-WT) = 0.15 EUR ------------------------------------------------------ ???? ????NO Details for the Complet-Order, NO Sum, NO Tax, NO ENDSUM ???? an then here the Shipping Adress: Shipping Adress ------------------------------------------------------ Shipping Adress Again only with the manner of payment Paypal - over checkout_confirm is all o.k. - is built there however the email in paypal_standard.php (also in ipn), is missing there a variable, only which? Thanks!!!! Michel
  2. citycar

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Hello, have you can fixed this problem? Michel