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  1. I think the problem is that originally the module considers that if all the products have not been published according to make module year, they will be posted as universal products valid for all other year make module ... The original help filefor osc 2.2 : NOTE: If You Have Added A Few data only to items All The Other items Always Will Be Shown Because The items Without model / make / year / set are Treated as for all models, all year, all Makes if you want to select only BMW BMW products and see all products The Other Should Be Set to another car. So you should "edit all your products to see The Effect
  2. Thank you very much Chris! The module you're rebuilding is a great thing that many people expect, I searched the Internet for more than 20 days a module that makes almost the same as yours but it is impossible to find! In other words both Joomla, Magento, CsCart, ZenCart, and many more ... The problem is just the final sorting by category, after sorting "make model year", and your module can almost do that! Thank you again Nathan!
  3. Hello, I have the same problem as Eddie "I've set the 2 graphic card with different vehicle filter. However when i'm viewing the card in the subcategories and try to run the YMM fiter it's not filtering the product according to the make the model." The sorting is done correctly but when I click on the category or sub category which contains my article, I see all the items (not just the section that features the make model year previously sought)