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  1. sdstransport

    [Addon] Categories Accordion Box for 2.3.1

    Thx for fast reply. I have no ide how jQuery works so maybee i have to wait for a update to this mod? i thought i had it working for while now... but i was wrong... i go back to the original and wait for update on this. But im stil glad that someone did this mod. it looks nice when it works!
  2. sdstransport

    [Addon] Categories Accordion Box for 2.3.1

    I got a problem on this mod. When i first tryed it (replaced the original menu) it was locking fine. But when i click on a category it turns back to the original. The most of my products is in the head cat. I only got one cat whit sub-cats. When i click that the meny turns to something who looks like bad css from the 90s... i dont know whats wrong and i dont get any errors exepct bad looking. Im from sweden (as seen on my english) and have swedish lang installed. Can this generate problems? here are som pics of how its looks for me. i cant show online example bacouse server is on my local computer for testing for now. This is how it looks when i visit the page after erasing everything that the site stores whit the browser. as you can se it works now. BUT... when i click on any cat link it all goes wrong. When i click a cat link whit no subs i get this. As you can se i clicked the cat "Kjolar" and the meny looks like original: Ok.. but what happens if i click a link whit sub cats in it. ohh noo.. now the whole code is messed up... If i copy the link to the page when the sub is open and then delete cache and eveything like it i get this: can someone give me a hint of what is happening? i have the latest jQuery (updated when i edited some colors whit themeroller. I wun XAMPP under win7 if it matters. EDIT: When i looked in the apache error log file i saw that the server denied acces to some of the dirs. And im using a virtual host for this so i just added som directory codes and now it seems to work. Is there any way to make categorys whit no suvb cat to just show whitout expanding?