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  1. demz

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, Just to drop in, just installed the latest 1.1 version op an 2.3.1 install and all i get is an Blank page when i press "Edit" seems it cannot find it? Very strange, all files are there, did the sql update, reviewed the options, all new files are in place... Even tried it with the new fix and with option off and on.. Triple checked the adjusted files, but everything is okay.. Still an blank 501 page.. Hope someone can help me out :)
  2. demz

    Kiala module

    Hi, It there someone out there who uses Kiala ano 2011? What module do you guys use? The latest is from 2007 and Kiala has changed in function the meantime.. Who? Thanks in advance!
  3. demz

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Ok, just send you an message @ your company! :)
  4. demz

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Are you always that hostile? You offer an free contribution to the community, is it that strange when people use it, they ask questions? In my eyes i didnt asked anything strange.. If you want money for it, why dont you say so? Whats the price to make it fix? PM your paypal.. Im not that hostile you know, all business..
  5. demz

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    I know you havent.. But you know how right? Could you share that?
  6. demz

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Hi FWR Media, First of all: Great contri :thumbsup: i use it with great pleasure! I was wondering (and saw something about it in previous posts) if its possible to get like: contact_us.php also as an .html document? I'm sure with all that coding expertise it would be a piece of cake for you? Maybe some ajustments in htaccess? I know SEO whise it would not make any difference but for "the eye" it looks a bit more professional if all the pages have the same extension. Also its not an must for the contri itself (built in) but just an extra seperated option.. Hope you can help me out, i think alot of people would like this. Greets, demzie
  7. WELL JIM :blink: "Make it work without the cache first. Then flush the cache and it should continue to work." Above sentence implies the opposite of your big letter in previous post. Only have one conclusion and that is that this contribution is not suited for my webshop, customers love the speed :)
  8. Well its not working >_< I know about the layout, i dont care, those are worries for later. But still the cache problem exsists..
  9. Hi Jim, When i try that it wont work.. The moment i turn on the cache (config -> use cache) it reverts to its old state (non working).. Check the screens out: Wont work: Works, but layout is no good..
  10. Hmmz, this is no good here.. The only way i can get this module to works is to turn-off cache.. And if i do i get an menu with no layout, only links... (thats not the main problem, the cache is) Any ideas to make it work with cache?
  11. demz

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Youre right Jasper! Fixed it! Had to be: /Green/ instead of $var/ http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7855
  12. demz

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Okay, fixed it myself and works like an charm! Just the simplefied version of what Olaf made :) Honor goes to Olaf! http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7855
  13. demz

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Olof Larsson and others :) Any chance U HTML will work for oscommerce 2.3 (2.3.1) series? Will it come soon? Or are there other alternatives to get rid of the white/no layout emails? Thanks in advance!