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  1. Yep. But my EP file product entries are always complete; they always contain all the attributes that should be there. So for me it would be enough if EasyPopulate simply deleted all attributes before updating a product. Any hints for a php line that would do the trick in easypopulate.php?
  2. Hi! I have a large shop with over 9000 products and over 60000 product attributes. :) I'm happy to say that Easypopulate works quite well. :) Only downside is that I can't delete attributes? If I remove some attribute from my CSV file, it's not removed in oscommerce. The solution so far has been that I have simply truncated the orders_products_attributes table, then EasyPopulate will add all new options.. But now I have added some manually maintained products which have attributes as well, so I need some more clever way to remove attributes.. Any suggestions?