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    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Hi, this contri looks very nice. When testing your demo I found some minor issues: - start with an empty cart - go to subcategory (hardware) - click on 'matrox g400' - click 'add to cart' the product flies to the shopping cart (very nice) and the cart changes next - in categories click on 'mice' - new product-page appear with 'buy now' button - click on 'buy now' - the product is added to the cart, and the page reload to the shopping cart next - do the same as for mice with the 'matrox g400' - when you click 'buy now' it goes to the product page where you have to select 'add to cart' Besides this minor issue very nice add-on. btw, does it also work with seo as I've tried to install multiple ajax-shopping carts, but they all seem to have problems with seo enabled and/or ultimate seo urls 5 (contri 6768) Keep up the good work.