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  1. rvlt

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    I can´t understand this, maybe someone here can help me. I installed enverything following the readme file with zero problems. I set the two new parameters (product image width and height) to 190x230 the size i want image to be displayed in product_info.php, i also set the same size to the Small Image parameters for the product lists, i want to use zoom crop function to adjust images variable sizes to the the thumb size. My problem is my thumbs are being created to small (+-20% of the original size and not based on the values i set), the only way to get the size i want is by turning "on" the "Allow thumbnails larger than original" also when i click on product_info.php thumbs the popup opens the small thumb and not the original image size, doesn´t this contribution maintain the original image to be displayed? Or i'm not thinking this the right way. My example: Thumb size set up: 190x230 Original image example: 850x752 (this image thumb will be 170x150 and it should be 190x230 zoom croped) And also, i should get the original size in the popup no? Instead it opens the thumb size (170x150). If someone can help me, i search the all post and no one has nothing similar, some complete details on setting image parameters or a admin print screen would help. Thanks,
  2. rvlt

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Same here, i installed everything, update databse, no errors, no image problems nothing, i set my image size in the new parameters, set crop zoom on, then i switch the contribution on and nothing happens, created new produts and nothing new, my thumbs are still the original image shrinked, it's just like before, images are distorted as always, do i need to change any settings in the admin->configuration->images->original parameters? i just need to use the zoom crop function to make thumbs with the same size independently the proportions. But no mather what can´t find a contribution that work. I just double check every step, what i'm i missing? Any ideas? Just run the forum and find no answers. Regards, rvlt
  3. Hey Lowkey704, i just read your post on oscthumb and i'm having the same issue, i just need to correct the image distortion, how do you manage to correct them in your store, did you use another contribution?