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  1. Hi all, I've just updated the Netfira WebConnect plugin for osCommerce to 1.5.309 at: This has a few minor bug fixes and we've tweaked the auto updater. To use this osCommerce plugin to connect to QuickBooks, MYOB AccountRight and RetailManager, various Sage products etc, you'll need to download Netfira Seller from: We've also established a major documentation site for hooking up e-commerce and accounting at: Any questions or suggestions, please fire away! Cheers, - Earl
  2. Hi all, We've just placed a major update to the Netfira plugin into the contributions area. The system allows product and customer syncing and automatic insertion of orders into the accounting system. You can also download the latest version from our webpage at: This page will also let you download Netfira Seller, the PC application that allows the Netfira plugin installed on the osCommerce site to communicate with the accounting/ERP system. The list of systems the current version of Netfira Seller supports includes: MYOB RetailManager v8 MYOB RetailManager v9 MYOB RetailManager v10 MYOB RetailManager v11 MYOB Accounting v8 MYOB Accounting Plus v8 MYOB Accounting Plus v8.5 MYOB Premier v12 MYOB Premier v12.5 MYOB Premier Enterprise v6 MYOB Premier Enterprise v6.5 MYOB EXO Business v6.193 MYOB AccountRight Standard v19 MYOB AccountRight Standard v19.5 MYOB AccountRight Plus v19 MYOB AccountRight Plus v19.5 MYOB AccountRight Enterprise v19 MYOB AccountRight Enterprise v19.5 MYOB AccountRight Premier v19 MYOB AccountRight Premier v19.5 QuickBooks Premier 2009 USA Version QuickBooks Premier 2010 USA Version QuickBooks Premier 2011 USA Version QuickBooks Premier 2009 Aus/NZ Version QuickBooks Premier 2010 Aus/NZ Version QuickBooks Premier 2011 Aus/NZ Version QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2010 QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2010 Sage ERP Accpac 5.5 Sage ERP Accpac 5.6 Ostendo Sage Simply Accounting Sage Peachtree Sage Pastel Evolution SAP - Various versions We would suggest all users upgrade to this version as soon as they can and also obtain the latest version of Netfira Seller. (3.7.065) Cheers, - Earl
  3. Just a minor point that a couple of people are finding when importing products from MYOB. The products_model field in the osCommerce products table is 12 characters long. MYOB allows much longer values to be inserted into their Item Number field. Trying to insert these longer product codes into the osCommerce database isn't going to work too well! We're putting some code into the connector to stop the import process when it finds these longer values in the MYOB database and warn the user they need to rename products in MYOB. Cheers, - Earl
  4. We've uploaded an update to this contribution. Location is still: Changes from 1.0.5: - Configuration options for e-mail notifications for new products and customers - Warnings for file permission on files the plugin installation updates - Defaults for a number of product sync options is set to 'No' - Number of small bug fixes - Warning on changes to admin path - Show products added by Netfira set to no by default - Addition of plugin diagnostics if WebConnect.php is accessed directly from a browser Cheers, - Earl
  5. osCommerce plugin for Netfira WebConnect – preview release. This contribution will allow osCommerce via Netfira to connect to a wide range of accounting systems including MYOB, QuickBooks, a number of Sage products, Attache, Ostendo, Fishbowl and even SAP. (Please note that in this initial preview release, only MYOB Aus/NZ are supported. A full release of this osCommerce plugin with support for all system that Netfira connects to will be available within approx two weeks and this thread will be updated then. Complete list of supported systems is at Products updates including price, images and availability are sent directly from the accounting system to osCommerce. Customers in the accounting system can be matched with osCommerce customers. osCommerce orders are automatically inserted into the connected accounting system as sales orders. To achieve this, Netfira Seller *must* be installed and running on a PC that has access to the accounting system. Full details on how to obtain Netfira Seller are in the readme.txt file. This contribution won’t do much without Netfira Seller! Netfira Seller is a commercial product, but some parts of the system such uploading of stock and automatic updates when price, product details or stock levels change can be used without a charge. If you would like to make changes to the contribution, you might need the Netfira WebConnect SDK document. Is so, please let me know and I’ll send you a copy. Cheers, Earl
  6. Hi all, We're about to bring out a link between our Netfira product ( and osCommerce. (This will allow osCommerce to stay synced in pretty much real time with information with any one of a number of accounting or ERP systems. We connect to everything from QuickBooks to SAP.) One thing we're discussing internally and would appreciate some feedback is how to handle the issue of Categories. Some accounting systems, like MYOB for example, don't have categories. Other systems have extensive ways to organise stock in categories. Netfira will insert a new product into osCommerce within a few seconds of it being created into whatever accounting system it's hooked up to. When this happens, do you think it's best that the products are assigned to a categories that matches what's in the accounting system and create one if it's not there or should products be put in a "Uncatagorised" area for the store admin to assign manually? Thanks in advance, - Earl PS: More than happy to share betas of the osCommerce-Netfira link. Drop me a PM. We expect to have a full release in 2-3 weeks.