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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH ERIC!!!!!!! I do have a quick question, at the risk of sounding completely stupid... the SEO urls are working... and i noticed that when i goto add a new product there is a field for SEO. Do I have to put something in there, or can i just let it do it automatically??? Thank you again!!!
  2. Eric, Thank you for your help... unfortunately it is still not working.... Does anything else pop out at you?? I posted the updated file Here Thanks again! Mark
  3. OK.... So I am just a little kooky. I got the Page things to work... I was just a little lame with the htaccess file. So now I just have the Blank Page in the Admin to fix.... PLEASE HELP!! Thanks.
  4. I just downloaded and installed 2.1d... whew!!! because i had a heavily modded categories.php file, i had to make all of the changes to it one at a time... and well my worst fear has happened... When i uploaded the new categories.php file, not everything works. The problem is actually just when I click on the "catalog" tab in the admin. I get a completely BLANK page. I have posted the Categories.php code Here. Maybe somebody can help me out??? Also, When the SEO URLS are enabled, the web pages do not load. If you goto My Website, you will see it for yourself. The Categories, nor the products fully load. In looking at the URL, it is doing what it is supposed to.. (WOO HOO) but then nothing loads on the pages. So the way i see it I am like 90% there.... ANY help that somebody can provide me on this is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance Mark
  5. carpenoctem

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Hello, I am using version 1.22 and am not having any problems. I actually would just like to change how the results are displayed... and have not been able to figure it out. I have changed several things in the file, nothing really seems to matter. I am using iGoogle to display the feed... and basically the image below shows how it is displaying now... and how I would like it to display. The rss file is located at RSS Link for Imaging Resources site. Thank you for any help that you can provide!!!
  6. Can anybody help with this? Please? I will paypal money for the assistance if needed..... I really need help on this.
  7. carpenoctem

    Can I add more fields to Easy Populate File?

    Can anybody offer any kind of assistance for me here? I am willing to sent money for help... I am just utterly desperate here. I appreciate anything that can be done. Mark
  8. I am in need of some help. I am trying to add some extra fields to the easy populate file that downloads. The information is in the database in table products_to_products_extra_fields and the information that i want to appear in the easy populate file is products_to_products_extra_fields Any help that can be provided is a great help. I am trying to edit the extra fields in the same easy populate file with the rest of my products. I have over 3000 products so this would make life a lot easier than clicking on every product one by one. Please Help!!! I have been trying to solve this for over a month now Thanks. Mark
  9. I have installed the "extra product fields" contribution, and I want to be able to add the information into those fields without clicking on EVERY product one by one... as i have over 3000 products. Is there anything that I can do to add this to my Easy Populate file???? Any help is appreciated. Mark
  10. carpenoctem

    Easy Populate + Extra Fields

    my true worry is not how to combine the data, i guess... i think that it is more... once it is combined... how does it get uncombined so that it gets uploaded? does it make sense?
  11. carpenoctem

    Easy Populate + Extra Fields

    i do not have it in another spreadsheet... well i suppose that i could by downloading a csv file from phpmyadmin.... but i do know of a way to download the extra fields otherwise. any help you can provide, i would greatly appreciate..... Thanks Mark
  12. Is there a way that I can create either a separate easy populate file for JUST the Extra product fields.... or a way to add the extra fields to the easy populate file that I already download? I have literally spent hours upon hours inputting the information into extra fields by hand, and it seems that i am not getting anywhere with it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. mark
  13. carpenoctem

    Extra Fields....

    is there a way for me to run a script that will show me if there are any products that do not have anything listing in the Extra Fields? I have several thousand products... and it is not time efficient to click on EVERY product to see if I have added the necessary information, and I am sure that along the way I have missed some products. Thanks for your help
  14. I just noticied that there are a bunch of contributions in the reports section that do VERY SIMILAR things as to what I am looking to do. In fact, I think there may be an exact one there.... I am just having trouble determining which one it is. I am looking to download the customer information, and then WHAT they purchased.... into for example excel format.... have one row per customer.... and then one column for each of the items they puchased... and one column for their name, address, etc. Can somebody please provide me with a direction to go in on this? Thanks!!!
  15. carpenoctem

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    hi everybody.... i need some help... I have a long listing of sub categories listed with the dynamenu setup (see www.ir-usa.com/cat) the problem is that the list is so long that it goes down below the bottom of the page.... and you have to scroll down to see the rest of the menu. is there a way to make it so that it will not do that.... where if the menu gets to the bottom of the page, it will create a new column? does that make sense??? I appreciate any help. thanks.