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    vmjarala got a reaction from Wallgualant in [Addon} Modular Front Page   
    I've had this add-on installed for a while and it is truly great. However, I had been trying to figure out how to modify "text main" as I couldn't do it on the admin panel. I guess it was a fluke, as I was able to go in this morning and the text was available for me to change. Now, I need to make some edits and, again, the text is not available. I get this error: Parse error: parse error in /Library/WebServer/Documents/catalog/admin/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 1
    Strange, huh?
    This is what I have for line 232 on that file:

    if ($value['set_function']) { eval('$keys .= ' . $value['set_function'] . "'" . $value['value'] . "', '" . $key . "');"); } else { $keys .= tep_draw_input_field('configuration[' . $key . ']', $value['value']); } $keys .= '<br /><br />'; }
    Thanks in advance!
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    vmjarala reacted to kymation in [Addon} Theme Switcher   
    There are two types of button: primary and secondary. The primary buttons use the colors you select for buttons, while the secondary buttons are faded using an opacity filter. You can change this in the jQuery UI file:

    .ui-priority-secondary, .ui-widget-content .ui-priority-secondary, .ui-widget-header .ui-priority-secondary { opacity: .7; filter:Alpha(Opacity=70); font-weight: normal; }
    I think that's the correct line, but I haven't tested it, so it might be wrong. The preferred method would be to change the buttons themselves: Look for the 'secondary' label in the button and change it to 'primary'. This gives you individual control of each button, plus it doesn't break when you decide to upgrade your jQuery files later on.
    The left column has an ID of columnLeft and the right column has an ID of columnRight so you can use those to control CSS changes to the columns. For example:

    #columnLeft a:hover { color: #FF0000; }
    The same trick can be used for backgrounds in the columns. Likewise, the footer has a class of footer, and the header has an ID of header.