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  1. Store Search Bar (BS)

    Yep... You are right (as allways) Corrected..... THX köszönöm szépen
  2. Store Search Bar (BS)

    Hi Gergely. Please look at screencast I created. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx2B3PwSBTx4OWU3U3ZBcHk2bzg/edit?usp=drivesdk I have to select some category and then search. If i use search on index.php site it works for first time as the standard version.... Clue?
  3. Slovak translation

    Hi. My sk_SK.xml file was in 3.0.2 imported flawlessly. But how to import files for boxes and modules i created? Have to check it before i submit it for others.... Thx blavak slovak.zip
  4. Hi, In standard COD payment module i have not the possibility to include a small fee for this kind of payment. Let me explain: I have two shipping possibilities. - table - which is used for delivery with local delivery company - flat - which is used when the customer comes in our store I need two payment possibilities. - COD - which is used when the customer comes to our store - COD with small fee (approximately 2 EUR) - which is used for delivery with local delivery company. This fee is for delivery company for sending the cash to our bank. So what i need, is the possibility to include this fee in payment module /with value or as % from amount/, customized checkout confirmation module, customized email module..... So the customer /and also the admin/ can see separately the amount + transport costs + payment costs. So is the law here.... Is somebody interested to write this module + customizations? Price? I can pay for it a small amount with PayPal.... It is for 2.3.1 Well sorry if this is not the right place for this kind of bid....