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  1. wondernet

    Lost Basket

    Does anyone know of a contribution that captures the additions to an individual's basket, and reports on it even if it hasn't gone through the full order? I've had orders, and there's no problem, but obviously people are putting products in their baskets and going part way through the process but not completing it .. I'd just like to know who and what.
  2. Me too. I've tried the 'sandbox' option and got the same as yoo, but I get "Security header is not valid" when I try using the 'live' version ... ???
  3. wondernet

    PayPal Express Checkout

    Finally got the PP Express Checkout installed and kind of working, now I get the big red message saying "Security header is not valid". No idea why, can anyone help please?
  4. wondernet

    Clean RC2 install, want to use PayPal

    OK ... my fault, I'd changed every setting except the one that changes it to 'enabled'. Egg on face. However .. new issue ... in the checkout process I get big red heading saying "Security header is not valid" ... ??
  5. wondernet

    Clean RC2 install, want to use PayPal

    This is the last hurdle, once I can sort this I can launch the site. Anyone able to point me in a direction that mihgt sort this? I've searched through the posts here and found nothing that I can see as a solution.
  6. wondernet

    Clean RC2 install, want to use PayPal

    on the order and account/order pages there is no billing information listed, and the oder page only shows with no title or checkbox. PayPal Express Checkout is obviously not working. Shoudl I try another or is there something else I need to change in the admin area to get to work? Anyone?
  7. wondernet

    Clean RC2 install, want to use PayPal

    I've set OSC to use the Express Checkout,, with the details I think should be entered, but on ordering the process ignores the payment stage and just goes straight through to 'thanks for ordering' .. .. huh? No ideas why, could someone help please?
  8. wondernet

    Clean RC2 install, want to use PayPal

    there are 5 PayPal options to use, do I need all of them installed and live or can I just choose one? I've updated my PayPal acocunt to Business, and can get my API Credentials (this from paypal page): Credential: API Certificate Registrant: [name] API Username: [api user] API Password: [api pass] Request Date: [api date] and I can download my API certificate, which looks something like Do I use the simple-sounding Express Checkout in the admin/modules/payment list, this seems to have the same kid of information I can get from PayPal easily .. but when I tried it, and did a dummy purchase it went past the payment page saying "This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order. " without saying what the option is, and then on to a successful purchase ... without option for payment with PayPal. Could anyone point my in the right direction please?
  9. wondernet

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Yes, all files and folders uploaded, and checked several times over. ??
  10. This is bizarre, I have had this working on an old version (1.1) of OSCommerce. I am now starting again in 2.2 RC2 and have the same database infor available, and the previous products with more_pics working are showing in the public pages. However, now my /admin/categories.php doesn't show, giving a 500 page error. Can anyone help me here to understand ... I've tried the search but with over 700-odd replies in this post it's very difficult to find solutions.
  11. wondernet

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I've just installed this to a fresh install of OSC 2.2 R2, and am getting the error in the admin section: STS was designed to work with OSC version [osCommerce 2.2-MS2]. This is version [osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a]. Template file doesn't exist: [sTS_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE]Can't open Template file: [sTS_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE] I thought this was designed to work with RC1 and RC2 as well as MS2, I've used the files from the RC2 folder in teh ZIP download ... and followed the install isntructions?
  12. wondernet

    PWA add on

    I have the PWA - purchase without account - and need something that the buyer can select (drop-down list) from a pre-defined list where they heard about the website/product. Is there anything like this that is available on each order, not when they sign up (as thery dont sign up to the website when they use the PWA). ?
  13. Has anyone been able to get PWA working with the 'How did you find us' contribution, or something similar? D.
  14. I have installed the PWA .. working fine for a while now. I have also recently installed the 'how did you find us' contrib, in order to gauge which marketing/adverts are working .. working fine. This, however, only lets the user choose 'how did you find us' on the sign-up page. Q1: has anyone tried or got them both working together so that, if the user just wants to skip the acocunt creation and buy the product, I can still ask 'how did you find us'? Q2: if you haven't got these two working together, do you have another solution that I've missed that does the same? Thanks in advance. Dave
  15. wondernet

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    I use 1.5 on a heavily modded OSC with purchase without account too, but it works fine ... what is the difference between 1.6 and 1.6, do you know? D.