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  1. OMG Thanks... is just put force cookie use in "False" .. many thanks....
  2. Morning. I'm a lot of hours try to know why affter install the attribute manager when i try edit some article in edition page apear a dupplicate index where must be the selector for attributes. I,m use 2.3.4 bootstrap. Someone know about this problem?
  3. JaumeUbach

    Facebook Connect Support Thread

    :D Great... all work right¡ Mmmm.. neely, right. The button in login page some time is load, and some times don,t load. Do you know why? Thanks.
  4. Well... i read all post (may i found for 4 hours) and i don,t get de solution. First, thank for this mod, is really nice, and neely work for me. I try with latest version http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7836 on 2RC2a The problem is with Ultimate Url,s, sure, because if url is dissabled all work right. But is url,s is working, then..... The redirection work right, i can see the mobile page, and i can move for categories right, but, 1.- When i try to go in product_info, i go to the pc screen (not in mobile screen). 2.- In the categories page: If i click on add to cart in a product wiht out "special price" work right, but if a product have a "special price" don,t work. 3.- Also, if i do click on buy now in a product with atributes, go to pc screen. I think this is because anyway must go to product info for choice atribute. (if don,t have atributes, work right) Well... Thats is all!! If some one can say something about, thanks... If not... Thanks anyway. :thumbsup: See you. EDITION: Uuuups... the page is http://www.divingmania.es/tienda
  5. JaumeUbach

    Facebook Connect Support Thread

    HI. I try to use the fb connect in my page, but i don,t know why dosn,t work. I look for white spaces, and i read all post about, but when i try to use the button, is like work, but any form from create acount is filled. All forms are empty. Then, if i press again on the button, i go to logoff page, like if i,m identified in the shop. The problem is... no fill forms in create account. Then, no acount create.... (cry..) Can you help me? Thanks.
  6. HI.. First Sorry for my english ( I know is horrible) Of course, give you thanks for this excelent contributtion... Well, now the problem. I have installed the contribution in www.divingmania.es/tienda but dont work right, dont change the color, and dont change the stylesheet.... ....? Why, i dont know, i loock for 3 days but i dont found the problem. Then, i make a new shop for try (probar), and install the contribution, and work right. You can see in www.divingmania.eu/tienda_2_3 I work a lot with beyond compare for found the mistake, but i cant found... Can you tell me something about, please. Thanks.