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  1. Really great contribution, thanks for the hardwork and persistence that people have put in to this it is much appreciated. I was baffled for an hour as it weren't working on ie8 the way it was on firefox but you have to put the ie7 compatibility line before ANYTHING. Straight after your <head> tag! Otherwise it won't work. Or if you use sts templates immdiatley after the <head> tags in those files too.
  2. Ok, I installed the corrected module for Moneybookers and it looks a little better but it now defaults to Italian! After searching high and low I can't find anything that will change it, not on the moneybookers site or on my oscommerce site. So I uninstall and re-install the official moneybookers module, now it is at least in English instead of Italian! But I want it to default to Finnish not English so I email Moneybookers. I get this response back: "Our reason for contacting you is in connection to the recent difficulties you have experienced, specifically with the default language of our gateway. Further to this matter, we would like to kindly ask that you manually change the language of your OS Commerce shopping cart to English/Suomi by performing the following: Log in to your OSC admin panel >> Localization >> Languages >> Edit >> and Replace ‘IT’ to ‘EN’/'FI' within the field named ‘Code’." I don't even have the italian language installed and my codes are correct "en" for english "fi" for suomi/finnish so this is absolutely useless information. But one thing it did confirm is that Moneybookers do not set the language, it is based on our site. So I go through every single Moneybookers PHP scrip line by line looking for a clue, eventually I find the answer; In file: /public_html/includes/modules/payment/moneybookers/moneybookers_payment.php on line 258 you will find this code: $table = array( //Merchant 'pay_to_email' => $this->_mainGet('EMAIL'), 'recipient_description' => STORE_NAME, 'transaction_id' => $idMb, 'language' => 'En', //FIXME Change the En to whatever language code you want your Moneybookers payment pages to default to. Job done. What is interesting is the //FIXME comment - That is not my comment!! That is Moneybookers comment, so they are clearly aware of this problem that the language on the payment pages do not default to the language on the oscommerce site!
  3. TonyBateman

    MB Language issue

    I have the same problem, my site is in English or Finnish yet the Moneybookers payment page defaults to italian for no reason whatsoever??? Anyone solved this problem??