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  1. Subject: Multiple image display for a product. Hi Sam, Thanks a million for your time and effort to make this valuable addon available to newbies like us. Your effort is much appreciated. Please i followed every thing as stated in the instruction file attached and yet i didnt get it working very well. Pls kindly take a look at my site: www.designerlane.ie and click on the first product, that is where i have implemented this feature. The product name is:ABBAAD. I will appreciate any support...

  2. fiyinfiyin

    remove english flag

    Thank you for this info, its very useful for newbies like me, when i searched the file: includes/language/english/icon, its only UK flag i saw there and i have 3 different flags on my template(UK,Spain and Germany), i want to remove all of them completely, please assist me on what to do. Prompt response will be appreciated. Rgds