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  1. largo

    MOECTOE Suite public BETA 1 Support

    HI First it's a great contributionyou have made.... But i have installed it and translatet it to danish... But it seem like it don't substract the products you have sold from the stock. Is it only at my site or is it not yet been implanted...... Regards Lars Denmark
  2. largo


    YEs that's right and i am using one of them and i can't get the Image magick to do a watermark... As i wrote in my question..... So i try again Can anyone get the watermark funktion to work with image magick Please!! Regards Lars Ravn
  3. largo


    Hello From Denmark I am using this contribution, and i have it working and all except for a Watermark. Is there anybody who have it working with a watermark.... I now that Image Magick can do a watermark.... But i just don't have the idea on how to get running.... Can anybody help me..... Regards Lars Ravn www.hobbyimporten.dk (only in Danish)