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  1. Dear Loran,


    Please can you help me with the MATC contribution version 2.3.4


    I am stuck at steps 5, 6 and 7 ...so can u help.


    I am not sure where the code should go ...i have tried to find the places but not 100% certain its the right place as we have made many changes to the files previously.

    The changes relate to files


  2. just sent you an email re iOSC v 2.2 can you help?

  3. I wonder if somebody can help ...i think its very simple! Ok its not that critical!!! I would like to get the paypal logo to appear on the checkout_payment.php page...curenntly paypal as an option is a bit lost against all the other payment options we can provide can anyone help? See below for example of how the page currently looks - I need the logos to appear beneath the text Paypal (including credit cards / debit cards. We are using Paypal Website Payment Standard Ver 1.0 that came preloaded with Oscommerce Ver 2.2 RC2 Most other payment modules I am using e.g Moneybookers and Alert Pay when they appear on this screen come with a logo showing all the cards they accept. Thanks Richard