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  1. Hello all, I have installed the add-on http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2807 (PDF File Upload and Display) on 2.3.. The addon appears to be for a 2.2 version as the install wasn't very smooth. The only problem is that the upload doesnt appear to be inserting the filename into the database.. The file is reaching the correct folder, and if I put a filename into the DB manually it works. 1. is there anyway to output MYSQL errors for /admin/categories.php ? 2. is the mysql "insert into" query different in the new version of oSc(2.3)? Any help much appreciated! Cheers, Brandon F
  2. resolution update... no soda for 6 days now.

  3. Hello, I am having a hard time finding an addon that may do something like this... Offer a FREE or Reduced Price item if the Shopping Cart exceeds a particular price point. For example, 'Buy $100 of stuff and get this Free thing!" Thank you in advanced, Brandon F. 2mellow.com