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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I don't have any problem with the the zone. I use oscommerce version 2 which initially did not have moneybookers installed. I have therefore downloaded the moneybookers addon files into the various folders and installed it. I have not made any changes to the database, so all other payment modules work fine except moneybookers, which cannot display for customers to chose during checkout. Please, I'll like to have more suggestions. Thank you.
  2. I have integrated moneybookers and enabled this module in the admin page. I have also set the necessary parameters such as Email, Secret Word, Customer ID... and clicked on "update". The verification was successful without any error message. However, I still have "Moneybookers main module (Module is not configured)" in the admin page. My main problem is that:: "Money Bookers" is not listed among the available PAYMENT METHODS on the checkout page. I need help in letting moneybookers payment option display for customers to chose that as their means of payment when checking out. Thank you.