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  1. cellshops

    android / iphone for oscommerce

    I should clarify. App is free. There is a charge ONLY if you need to make changes SPECIAL to you.
  2. cellshops

    android / iphone for oscommerce

    Sorry. Did not know it was spamming. Where do you post nominal fee contributions ?
  3. cellshops

    android / iphone for oscommerce

    IOSC3 is different. IOSC3 runs on the webserver. I would like to make clear that We are running a stand alone addon of OSCommerce running on on Android / iphone NOT just to make OSCommerce viewable on iphone. A indepdendent version enables a lot more functions such as phone tagged coupons etc. Thanks for your comments.
  4. cellshops

    android / iphone for oscommerce

    Thank you for mentioning that. Sorry forgot to mention. Our additional contribution is that The android / iphone zencart addon is dual language (in english AND chinese) since we specialise in releasing to the CHINA market.
  5. We have developed an Android add on for OS Commerce websites that works with your OS Commerce shop data and products. We are looking for OSCommerce users who are interested in an Android cellphone addon. Our email is cellshops007REMOVETHIS@g m a i l.com