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  1. ShunKobayashi

    CKEditor and other WYSIWYG

    Thanks so much! :D
  2. ShunKobayashi

    CKEditor and other WYSIWYG

    Hi, since I'm a complete n00b with OSC, and have very little experience with coding, editing php, etc, I'm having trouble getting my site up and running. I've installed CKEditor, allowing me to edit product descriptions in rich text, which is great, but i would like to edit other aspects of my site (the home page is the main one). Is there a way I can use CKEditor with things other than the descriptions? If so, please could you give me instructions on how to do it (bear in mind my ineptitude :) ) Or alternately, could someone tell me an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor for my home page? Thanks a lot in advance!!