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    Header Tags SEO

    This is a great contribution, thanks! Hopefully you can point me in the right direction. Prior to installing 'Headertags' my OSC-backend was config'd to "use search engine friendly url's" and the install instructions said to make sure this was not enabled during installation, so that's what I did. Upon finishing the install everything is fine except the product categories don't do anything when you click on any of them from the homepage of my shop. I went back into the osc admin panel and turned "use search engine friendly url's" back on, and they worked again but I didn't want there to be a conflict between that and the Headertags-Seo interface. I haven't had time to go in and add all the metadata into the Headertags-Seo page fill stuff yet, is that why the product category pages won't load right when the "use search engine friendly url's" option is off? Sorry I'm pretty new to using osc, I was using virtuemart and got sick of battling to just get a product page to look ok. Any help would be great, and thanks again