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  1. babeskidoodle

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    well right or wrong this is how I did it. Lets say you want to build a best sellers box. build the box the way you wanted it in your sts template with all the colors, graphic, borders, etc. then were you want the data to go put in the $bestsellersbox. Now edit includes/boxes/best_sellers.php and comment out the following code: new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, false, false); and volia, all you have is the box contents in the $bestsellersbox, no heading, no borders, no background colors, just the data. Of course this makes life a little more difficult if you want to upgrade in the future :blink: but I'm willing to accept that. Anyone have any other ideas that would be easier or not effect the core files? Thanks Charlie
  2. babeskidoodle

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Great Job as usual :D can't wait to get this installed and use it on my next site! thanks again Brian charlie :D
  3. babeskidoodle

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I love STS I stayed away from oscommerce for along time because it was so bloody difficult to change the interface IMHO, but no longer! I'm running it and love it, thanks. Now on to my problem, I'm in the camp that says you need Search engine friendly URL. When I turn them on in the admin screens none of the links work. so I tryed the "SEF Link Transformer" contribution and had all kinds of problems because I think STS and the SEF contrib are both trying to capture and process the output buffer :o . Has anyone been sucessful with a Safe URL in oscommerce or a Safe URL contribution working with STS? thanks charlie
  4. babeskidoodle

    SEF Link Transformer (SE friendly URLs)

    I'm trying to install this mod but having trouble. I also have the STS template mod installed and I think there's some problem with both of them trying to capture and change the output buffer. What happens is sometimes I get a page and sometimes I get a error 500 page. Any suggestions? thanks
  5. babeskidoodle

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    So after reading this tread I've got an idea. How about using EBAY's auction assistant as the interface to EBAY. I've used this software in the past and it's based on a access database. The data scheme is very simple and it's easy to dump rows in the database and make it work properly, i've done this so I know it can work. It has a scheduling option that will post the auctions on EBAY as scheduled. After the auctions are over it grabs the information and puts it back into the database and is easily accessible. So it would be possible to create mods that would go back and forth between the databases. The problem is auction assistant is a windows based app. While this doesn't really pose much of a problem for setting up auctions because you could write a little export - transfer - import script, and timing isn't a issue. But the auction completion side is more of a problem because one would need to get the information from ebay to auction assistant to a oscommerce cart very quickly to accomidate the speedy buyer. Of course the use of auction assistant does come with a monthly fee. So any ideas or comments? is this a violation of any licenses? Thanks