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  1. I haven't worked with osc in a while. I'm using the new version 3.0. I am having issues with When I try to check out it is not working - it continues to loop. I can get all the way through to the confirmation of the address, cost and card info page and when I click to process the transaction it pauses for a second and then goes back to the payment method page where it asks for the card information again. I have run a few fixes and I am using a bought template. I've also found some buggy issues between the type of shipping I have and if it has a $0 value. If I enable "shipping" with the table rates I get php errors so I removed that and had free shipping and found with only that enabled the continue button after entering the address didn't work. Then once I chose "Flat Rate" and have tried it at $0 and at $0.50 I can get to the confirmation page but it still doesn't work. is not in test mode, I have all the info and md5 hash entered and in production mode. Anyone have any ideas as to what this could be. I'm also curious as to why I don't get any sort of an error and instead redirected back to the payment method page. Thanks!