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  1. falcon

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hello, some more information (hopefully someone can answer me). 1 I only use German language in my shop 2 yes it is working and putting each and any word from the description into the meta tag 3. it does not exclude the german words for "and, for, the ..." despite I placed them into the functions/meta.php file. any hint is welcome. Thanks Kai
  2. falcon

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    First of all. Thank you for this contribution I need to adapt the /includes/functions/meta.php because I need german words to exclude. For unknown reason the exclude does not work. What is the difference between the words in 'singe quote' and "double Quotes". In my shop it is still showing the word 'aus' in the meta tags starting line 85 function meta_create_meta_keywords($str, $length = 200) { $str=xstripper($str); $exclude = array('save','month','year','hundreds','euro','per','aus',"ii","about","above","according",...) here is the corresponding article with the short word inside. <title>Sonnenreiter new Mexiko - Sch?ner Reiten</title> <meta name="description" content="Modische Jodhpurreithose in topaktueller Streifenoptik aus bielastischer Baumwolle, mit Bes?tzen aus Lederimitat. Zwei..."> <meta name="keywords" content="sch?ner, reiten, modische, jodhpurreithose, topaktueller, streifenoptik, aus, bielastischer, baumwolle, mit, bes?tzen, lederimitat, zwei, rei?verschlu?taschen, und, dekorativen, g?rtelschlaufen"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <base href="http://schoener-reiten.de/"> Any suggestion? Thank you
  3. @jonyo I have installed this contrib 2.1 and run into the following error. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in .../catalog/includes/meta_tags.php on line 57 I have posted the line 57 further above. I think you should give it a try if you dont have the 2.0b installed if it works with you then I only have to reverse coding together with RockIT and install then the 2.1 Version. But back up the files and the DATABASE as it will autoinstall the changes in the DB.
  4. has anyone brought this contribution to work together with cDynamic_Meta_Tags v1.4 as the error occurs in this contribution im not that deep in php to nail it down.
  5. You need to do a DB Recovery from your backup too as you won't be able to ger your Categoies working the 2.1 will selftinstall the DB and change a couple of things. The big difference between 2.0b and 2.1 is that if you do the upgrade according to upgrade manual you get "unneeded" code. Im not sure but the code insered in 2.1 is much smaller.
  6. @ RocksIT, to quickly overcome the error. Do a Database recovery and upload your backup of the modified files. So I managed to bring up my shop again. I have the same problem I tried the upgrade from Version 2.0b. I see that changes which where carried out in the native install of 2.0b are not carried out in 2.1 Files touched in 2.0b which appear not to be modified in 2.1 are: 3 changes in catalog/includes/application_top.php only 1 change in 2.1 catalog*/includes/functions/html_output.php depending on cache type in 2.0b variance in code only 1 change in 2.1 includes/modules/product_listing.php modification was carried out in 2.0b no modification in 2.1 From my point of view it appears that the upgrade from 2.0b is not described propperly. Currently trying to do some reverse engineering to get rid of 2.0b and start with the new 2.1 modifications. If someone knows a quick hint for the line 57 here it is line 54 to 64 could it be that the cache handling changed? ################################################################################ ############# # Check to see what type of cache if any and run with it... $cache_type == 1 ? $meta_cache_code = $cache->get_cache($meta_cache_file) : NULL; if ($meta_cache_code){ echo $meta_cache_code; }else if ($cache_type == 2 && file_exists($meta_cache_file_full)) { echo base64_decode(gzinflate(file_get_contents($meta_cache_file_full))); }else{ ob_start();
  7. Hello I figured out the problem. so you need to have you path's set up right in your configure.php if you have a / behind your URL. This causes the weird preview not working as well as the path will not be given when uploaded a file. So it looks ok: with the PHP image manager I can now - upload files - make folders - preview images Still not working is resize ... will now dig into htmlarea/popup/configure.inc.php lets see which files are asked and which one I have in the netpbm folder. also if someone has the netpbm files which are working please send them to me netpbm@schoenerreiten.de
  8. Ok when I set the configuration/images/enable php image manager = DISABLE then I can add and remove pictures very without problems. Can someone tell me which files I have to check (maybe give a hint on the line) to make that work correct. Or where I missed the point at present I can exlude a netpbm problem. Any :'( is highly welcome Thanks
  9. @asa100 this one seems to be easy for me add the insert befor the "?>" then it will carry out the function and will not display it as text hope this helps. Can anyone help regarding my issue please :-"
  10. :blink: Hello I have the same issue with the netpbm. I installed 2 version but apparently one file for BMP is missing in both Versions. But after 2 days of endless line by line check (after first day my Server decided to die :'( ) so I started again. Now I have almost anything working. INDEX, HTML edit, HTML mail. but I can not use the Ultra Pic in the admin due to strange behaviour. 1. I can upload files that is working 2. I can NOT upload and resize. the result is a 0 byte file at lease the name given is shown on the server. When I have selected a file and uploaded it. It is not shown with the link only the is standing there if I enter the file name manually in the link it is shown fine in the shop. Also when reentering the same produkt a image will be displayed. HELP! Yes I read the complete threat but nothing helped and YES it it a good contribution (when this last thing is sorted out)