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  1. Just got off a chat with Rackspace Cloud (free support, btw...) Here is what happened: "They should be in the `/web/content` folder. And I apologize about that, it is something perticular about our system. And it's explained in some places but not all : / "There is an index.html file in the `/web/content` folder which is our placeholder. Go ahead and rename or remove that." Shazam. Thanks again for your thoughts and help. j
  2. Hi Jim, I uploaded osCommerce myself from this site. Is there an installer script that rackspace has instead? That doesn't make sense to me. It's not a one click install. Thanks, j
  3. Here is a picture of the catalog: I have now moved everything (again) to the root of that domain. Here: and I get the same "your web site is ready to use. replace..." When I delete the `index.html`file I get: "Forbidden. You don't have permission to access / on this server." j
  4. I've been with godaddy for 5 years. While they do some things well, others are not the best and it's time to put new paint on the truck : ) Rackspace has a beautiful cpanel and everything I've installed has been a breeze, except this. Here are their install instructions. I agree, it should not be this hard. First time for me on this. I'm SURE it is something simple I am not doing. Perhaps the pictures will help :) j
  5. Hi Jim. Thanks for the response. Here is my current ftp (picture hosted on a different domain): And my current home page: And the index that show that current home page: I've tried deleting the index but then it goes to the same "Oops! This link appears to be broken" as on every other page. I've tried everything extension to get the install to load without success. Any ideas? Thanks for the help. j
  6. I've done a complete reinstall. I'm on a Rackspace Cloud Site. I'm also on a subdomain called "store". I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Searched the forum. ANY help is appreciated. I'm supposed to have this up tonight so I can take my day off tomorrow (deep sigh). Jeremy
  7. Also, sorry, would it be possible for someone to tell me what the link is supposed to be to start the install? So far I've seen: I've tried every combination of those I can come up with. Thanks!
  8. Would it be alright if I sent it to you in an email so I don't have to change the permissions? Are you one of 10,000? : )
  9. Since I already have your attention, and there are over a million replies on here that don't seem to give me an answer... I can't get to my install. I've tried everything. I have read at least 4 featured "How to Install" guides with out success. According to this guide: I put the the contents of the catalog folder right in the domain folder Everything is 777 so I can't post it here. My question is: How do it complete the install? DB is set up, everything should be set up. I just can't access the install from a browser. Thanks in advance for your help. j
  10. Thank you for your replies and thoughts. They have taken me in a good direction. j
  11. Chris, Thanks for the quick response. I saw that plugin, but unfortunately it doesn't work for the current version of WP, or at least hasn't been updated in about 16 months. And that adds to the security issues you mentioned. I am completely new to osCommerce. I'm reading lots, but... Someone told me today that the themes are a framework system similar to wordpress. My issue is, I can't build a site from scratch in the timeframe I have (not that good at it). Can I simply buy a osC them, start a store, and go from there? I'm sure there is more, much like wordpress, but just curious. Thanks, j
  12. Hi. I'd like to find out if it is possible to use osCommerce within Wordpress. I have seen post for adding wp blog inside osC, and there are old plugins that say they used to for older version. Is there anything current for placing a shopping cart inside wp framework? Or any other way to make this happen? Thanks, j