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  1. diannecl I really need some help! I am getting this error when I click on the shipping module (backend): Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_usps_services() in /catalog/admin/modules.php(275) : eval()'d code on line 1. The only addon i've installed was Jetta's contrib - "USPS Restrict Methods." Please tell me what I'm doning wrong? I am running OScommerce 2.3.3 that had a USPS module as part of its package. Should I install another USPS module?

  2. @@pfrecon Yes, I noticed those issues myself, and got them taken care of and uploaded. @@chemist4 I also fixed the auto refresh when discount codes are entered. @@PiLLaO Yes. I removed the auto-update. If you want to add it back in then do this: Find around 752: .on('change', 'input[name=shipping]', function(){$.post('checkout.php', 'shipping='+$(this).val()+'&comments='+$('textarea[name=comments]').val(), function(){window.location.href = unescape(window.location.pathname);});}) Add this before that line: .on('change', 'input[name^=cart_quantity]', function(){$('form[name=cart_quantity]').submit();}) As written now, if a customer enters a new quantity and hits enter, it will automatically submit the change (without that line of code). The difference that the extra line of code will make is this: If a customer changes the number and clicks tab, or clicks the mouse anywhere else on the screen directly from the input field, it will also submit the form, the same as if they clicked enter, or clicked the refresh button itself.
  3. fulluvscents

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    @@jdfitch USPS already gave you the answer: If you believe it is a valid zip code, then contact their technical center.
  4. fulluvscents

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    @@vstick Don't use the Restrict Methods contribution. That is an add on for use in conjunction with USPS. It isn't the USPS mod itself.
  5. fulluvscents

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    @@NovemberDirge tep_cfg_usps_services() isn't being defined because you haven't finished the installation
  6. New contributions have been uploaded. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8338 Version 3.0 contains link to the separate guest checkout contribution, as well as compatibility files.
  7. @@tapa It's PHP 5.3.10 As far as I know, nobody has run into php compatibility issues. It's just been the browser issues. Edited: Going back and reading through, I see that you actually had a php issue. Would you like to test the script before I finalize it for upload? Looks like everything is going better with this one, on all browsers, so I'm hoping it will be safe to upload a final version and also the guest checkout package. I'll probably have that done by Tuesday, as long as nobody reports anything. I want to get this uploaded to a couple other servers for testing as well before I finalize it. Any takers? Just PM me and I'll get you the files.
  8. I will be uploading another release soon. I am asking for browser testing again. First, turn off java in your browser, and test it that way. Then, turn java back on and test it with java on. It should work with or without java. The guest option will no longer be a part of the checkout itself. I've written a second script for guest checkout which will work in both a stock checkout and Simple Checkout. The second script is a full guest checkout script that will store customer information under a single customer ID no matter how many times they checkout as a guest. It provides the customer with the convenience of a shorter form, and the shop owner with organized records and accurate reports. Discount codes will work in this checkout like they would in the stock checkout, but each discount contribution will need to be integrated differently. There is a specific area left free for discount code input fields (to the left of the order totals, below the cart contents). Before I upload the next version, I will install the discount codes for 2.3.1 contribution, so that I can supply instructions. I believe that one is the easiest discount mod to integrate with this. I will not upload this until I've received feedback from Safari and IE8> users. After it is confirmed that the script on the test site works in all browsers, with and without java, and poses no functional issues, I will package the two scripts up and release them.
  9. fulluvscents

    rate V4 changes to usps.php for osc2.2

    @@pfilias You modify the languages in the language files. You CANNOT modify the names of the shipping methods. They have to match USPS names.
  10. Yeah, sorry about that. Give it a couple days (2 or 3 maybe). There were way too many bugs, and I stripped the entire thing down. Adding it back one piece at a time.
  11. My focus is on the fact that the latest version is not working in all browsers, and I personally like it better than the previous one, as do some others. It works in chrome, mozilla, and IE 9. The issues known exist in IE8 and Safari. At this point, since the updates I made, I've been informed that there are still issues in Safari. I'm using an IE tester, but the tester itself is not accurate. None of them are. I'm also testing in IE9 under IE8 mode, but this is also not accurate because IE9 does not imitate IE8's javascript program, which is precisely what I need. My only other resorts are the feedback of others, or using virtual machines which extends beyond anything that I care to do, since I'm not willing to go out and BUY the operating systems that I need to run these browsers. So, it comes down to feedback. I'm going to download Safari for PC and test that as well, but I'm not sure how this will compare to safari on mac. @@tapa Thank you for posting that. @@ggrant3 I am not here to debate the semantics of a guest checkout. I already KNOW the points that you've made. I contributed a "single page checkout" with an optional guest checkout feature and made it clear at that time that I did not put a lot of focus in the guest checkout aspect, and I am not up to debating the reasons why. Take it or leave it or make it work the way you want it to, until something better comes along. If I extend the instructions in the next upload for a full fledged guest checkout, then take advantage of that. @@altoid Thank you as well.
  12. A few hours later and here I am again. Instead of those two modifications, just check the test site again. I got more done than I expected.
  13. fulluvscents

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    haha. Sorry, I wasn't of much help, but it looks like you've got it resolved? My first thought - turn on shipping in the order total modules.
  14. There was a comma where there shouldn't have been, and a span without a closing bracket (>) The span itself should have destroyed the script in any browser, but it didn't. In your local TEST files from the v2.2 contribution, do the following and please post back if that fixes anything that you're experiencing. Line 360: .on('click', '#submitCreate, #submitGuest', function(){if ($('#NewAccount .required_icon:visible').size() > 0) alert('<?php echo MESSAGE_FIELDS_REQUIRED;?>');else if ($('#NewAccount .error_icon:visible').size() > 0) alert('<?php echo MESSAGE_FIELDS_ERROR;?>');else {$('#NewAccount').find('input, select, textarea').each(function(){if ($(this).val() == $(this).attr('title')) $(this).val('');});$.post(url,'action='+$(this).attr('id')+'&'+$('#NewAccount').find('input, select, textarea').serialize(),function(data){if (data.msg != '') alert(data.msg);if (data.status == 'success'){$('#Account').dialog('destroy');$('#checkout').show().find('#shippingAddress, #billingAddress').trigger('refresh').end().find('#cartContent').parent().load(url +' #cartContent', function(){$('#cartContent').trigger('refresh');});$('#NewAccount').dialog('destroy');}else alert('<?php echo MESSAGE_ACCOUNT_ERROR;?>');}, 'json');}});});}, Remove the comma from the end of that line. Line 426: <div class="cartRow6 cartDelete" data-pID="'.$products[$i]['id'].'"><span class="ui-icon ui-icon-trash"</span></div> Change to: <div class="cartRow6 cartDelete" data-pID="'.$products[$i]['id'].'"><span class="ui-icon ui-icon-trash"></span></div> I am running this through an IE tester. I still have two issues from my end. The first is the cart delete button not working. The second is that shipping resets to cheapest method when payment is selected (but my radio buttons stay checked). The first works fine in other browsers that I've tested, but the second is across all browsers. @@surrfman I don't think anyone is interested in entertaining bogus workarounds. Let's get this thing fixed. The old OPC for 2.2 is how old now? I can tell you for a fact that the latest contribution STILL has bugs with fixes that have never been publicly posted. This was just contributed a few months ago. I am not about to leave it hanging with bugs and half cocked "fixes" that don't really fix anything. @@ggrant3 Read one of my very first posts about the guest checkout. I wrote it that way and knew that I wrote it that way. When I've dealt with the bugs/browser issues, I will consider providing instructions that take the "guest" checkout a step further. I still say if they come back, they aren't a guest. They are a client. At this point, that is not a bug. It was intentional.
  15. @@surrfman particularly - and anyone with a MAC. Please go through the test site in whatever environment you're browsing from, and see if it's working now (http://simplecheckout.oscbyjetta.com/checkout.php). Please state your browser, platform (PC or MAC), and any issues that you run into. If I don't respond, it's because I'm gathering information and working on the fixes. Obviously, I can't fix anything if I'm spending all my time responding to each and every question or issue.