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    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hello, I have USPS shipping working again. The store I work on is highly customized, so the exact code my not be applicable to others' situations. However, I wanted to describe the changes I made in case they are helpful... The changes USPS made yesterday to the existing rate calculator APIs are: 1) Added the "registered trademark" symbol to the end of many of the Domestic and International service titles. 2) Changed the strings of many of the International services. All of the changes are to source code file usps.php To address number 1, I strip out the botched trademark code like this: $service = str_replace('<sup>®</sup>', "", $service); for both Domestic and International responses. To Address number 2, I made these changes to change my existing service name strings to the new ones: Change First-Class Mail International Package to First-Class Mail International Package** Change Express Mail International (EMS) to Express Mail International Hope this helps someone! pebr