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  1. well I never installed that Burt... I just downloaded v 2.3 and followed the installtion steps.. to be honest I have no clue as to what that add on would do. This client sells classes so there is no shipping dates, shipping fees, taxes or the likes. I'll just scrap the whole store and start over I guess. The only thing I have done is modify the color scheme to match the original site.
  2. sorry Dude, that is what came out of the box. The site has no add on's installed at all. no the client will get another form.. i just need to get the canned stuff working first!
  3. Hello, New install of v2.3 and using the stock modul. I'm trying to set up using the SIM process. I'm getting this error... (I've taken out the 'values' since it is personal information... 1054 - Unknown column 'delivery_date' in 'field list' insert into orders (customers_id, customers_name, customers_company, customers_street_address, customers_suburb, customers_city, customers_postcode, customers_state, customers_country, customers_telephone, customers_email_address, customers_address_format_id, delivery_name, delivery_company, delivery_street_address, delivery_suburb, delivery_city, delivery_postcode, delivery_state, delivery_country, delivery_address_format_id, delivery_date, billing_name, billing_company, billing_street_address, billing_suburb, billing_city, billing_postcode, billing_state, billing_country, billing_address_format_id, payment_method, cc_type, cc_owner, cc_number, cc_expires, date_purchased, orders_status, currency, currency_value) values (... my personal stuff was Card (Processed by', '', '', '', '', now(), '3', 'USD', '1.00000000') is getting this and charging the card... I am getting a recipt for the purchase BUT.. the store does not show a product was purchased nor will it return to the processed order screen. The store and are in the test mode if anyone would like to try it out to see what I'm talking about. I've searched all of the post here and found no answer. go here: Any quick help would be appreciated, I need to launch this for the client ASAP. Bill
  4. I'm having a similar issue... does anyone read this part of the board?