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  1. plasmaboy

    Products Monitor

    Soooo couple evenings of playing around and i think i get what i want :) I upgraded this contribution, so now i can see what i have in stock for every single product, i can see what is low stock level for that product and if stock level < low stock level then it shows red cross :) Also when editing or adding new product i have extra field, where i can specify low stock level for that product(that will be stored in data base). Also, i think, it will be great to show category names on it. Like in this contribution http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6551 And to have ability edit product's info in pop-up window. Yeap.... it's still lot to learn... Anyway... if anyone will be interested i can try to collect everything to one place(now will be difficult to remember what exactly i changed...) and share, maybe someone can extend it more than me. Product Monitor Pro 2.x: Editing / Adding new product:
  2. plasmaboy

    Products Monitor

    Hi there. I just installed this contribution on my osc2.3.1 and i already added extra field which shows when product stock quantity is low(lower than quantity set directly in stats_products_monitor.php file). I just added extra code which extracts quantity information from DB and then if it's more than 5 shows green icon, if less than 5 shows red icon... My knowledge in php and mysql is...lets say verry bad :) So maybe someone knows how we can set low stock quantity for each product separately? Then it will be possible to see which product going low. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, i am having big problem with PayPal Website Payments Standard module. In my paypal account under 'Payment Receiving Preferences' i am accepting multi currency transfers. Problem occurs when someone from Lithuania tries to check-out. They are trying to check-out in euros, in us dollars and in great britains pounds, but it looks that paypal don't accept their cards.... What you think is it like that because they are trying to pay from card in non lithuanian currency or paypal simply accepts only that currencies listed in their website(because when tried to add lithuanian currency(LTL) to my shop, paypal on check-out page said that this currency is unsuported or bad currencies code)? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, i just installed this contribution and i can say it's a great thing to have on your shop. Just i have one question :) maybe it's possible to list all existing images in folders? Lets say you chose folder and in another drop-down list you can chose picture(listed in text based list(by file name)). I am asking this because i am new to osCommerce and usually i'am using same picture for lots of products. And at the moment i need to upload same picture again and again.. :(