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  1. Please disregard last post I made. Found the issue. Thanks
  2. Hi all I just installed this on an 2.2ms2-060817 install and everything works well on the admin side as far as adding more then one image. However when going to the actual product info page I only see one image and it is not clickable to pull up the pop up, plus it did away with the price of item and add to cart button. I am using the STS template system but the Product_Info page was never touched. You can view it here - http://www.bathandbodyconnection.com/product_info.php?products_id=28 I tested it in IE8 and FireFox Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I found this to be an issue as well. They left out an entry for the Insert Into so I went to the original file for this contribution and used this sql code to get my information added and it worked like a charm. If you compare this info to the one included in new file you will see they left out the 1 and 2 before username: INSERT INTO `administrator` VALUES (1, 'username1', password('your_password1'), NULL, NULL); INSERT INTO `administrator` VALUES (2, 'username2', password('your_password2'), NULL, NULL);