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    Hey - fairly new here.
    One of the things that attracted me to osCommerce was its Open Source nature, and it allowing people do easily develop extra modules for it.
    Would it be feasible to develop an installation system for modules (like for the installation of osCommerce, except for modules) where coders could package their files a certain way?
    Even SQL code could be packaged, maybe if there was some sort of formatted description file that allowed lines of code to be injected into certain files that enable usage of modules in the catalog and admin?
    There's a few ways it could be done to make it idiot proofed for some people who aren't very savvy with coding.
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    eXcaliburN reacted to kymation in Create Page Management Module   
    Are you trying to write modules for 2.3.1? The module system is not hard to figure out. I suggest taking one of the existing modules and using it as a template. Or take one of my addon modules -- I've written over 30 of the things. If you have specific questions, just ask.