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  1. One of the big problems with your site is that the many of the images are actually very large and just scaled down using html code. Basically you are loading an image actual size 400 x 375 pixels for it to display at 140 x100 pixels. Multiply this ten or more times on a apge and this will cause an appreciable slowdown in loading times. Another problem is that it seems you are on GoDaddy servers which are not quite the best option available. Move your site to a better server company such as Host Gator and you'll get faster page loads in many cases.
  2. Excellent stuff Robert, This is by far the easiest to install contribution for thumbnails, and it works very well. I would recommend anyone to install this. It is also one of the most needed contributions for oscommerce. Best regards, Ian
  3. Hi TikoSS, I'm not sure that you should have added anything to your database even though the SQL file was included in the download. The instructions did not mention that this needed to be done. That said, I tried to install the contribution without the database addition and get exactly the same errors you have. I think that there is an error in the downloaded files somewhere. I hope that the author of the contribution will know what went wrong, but I will try and fix this and if I can I'll post the fix here.